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Dear Reader here you will find all Publictions from your Projects. Enjoy the Library. Glocal Team

Glocal Europe was the first campaign launched by youthNET, initially intended to be a teambuilding activity for our young network, in order to carry out together a long term plan of activities carried out together, identifying in Youth Participation a topic that unites us all, regardless if our organisation is an NGO a foundation or a public body, and regardless if we work on democracy, human rights, environment or youth policies; participation is something that concerns us all. As above mentioned, as organisers of this campaign, we didn’t have high expectations, but as the proverb goes “Professionals built the Titanic, Amateurs built Noah’s Ark” and this was the case with Glocal Europe, we had no idea what potential we had a hand, and since most of us had little or no experience in campaigning we ended up creating something really innovative, just as Newton discovered gravity by having an apple fall onto his head, same we realised once the campaign was over, and named the method, Hand-in-hand campaigning. Highly recommended for international campaigns.

Here you can Download the Manual on Campaining