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Joanna Pawłowska

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Glocal Europe

“Citizen participation is a device whereby public officials induce non-public individuals to act in a way the officials desire. “
Daniel P. Moynihan – US Congressman 1927-2003

Do you agree? Hope not, because we don’t, and not only do we not agree we decided to do something to prove this statement wrong! How?

Glocal Europe.

Is a step-by-step campaign on participation co-financed by the EU Programme “Europe for Citizens” and the Central European Initiative.

An innovative step-by-step campaign will promote and divulge youth participation across the European Union, East Europe and South East Europe: 15 countries, (2x) 22 organisations, acting as one, in the first joint action of youthNET as a network sending out a strong message to the young people and to our local communities.

What’s so innovative about it? It defines seven campaign steps, including international meetings aimed at empowering the partners and giving them the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to locally implement a common campaign.

•      STEP ONE (International activity – November 2009) All youthNET partners meet in Vienna (Austria), discuss organisational capacities and decide on a common campaign.
•      STEP TWO (Local activity): The delegates return to their organisations, inform the fellow members about the decided plan, research together how to best implement the action locally and identify one local partner to be involved in the campaign.
•      STEP THREE (International activity – January 2010): All youthNET partners send a participant to Thessaloniki (Greece) to participate in a training course on marketing and fundraising, to empower the partners with necessary skills to implement a good fundraising plan for their campaign.
•      STEP FOUR (Local activity): Once the participants return, they inform their organisations about the outcomes, and start to locally implement their fundraising plan for the successful outcome of the campaign.
•      STEP FIVE (International Activity - April 2010): All youthNET partners send one participant to Brezice (Slovenia) to a training course on PR and Media, in order to empower partners to get the wanted and necessary attention to make their campaign visible.
•      STEP SIX (Local Activity): All is set and ready to start the campaign, and each partner organisation, coordinated by the Campaign Coordination Team, will start implementing the campaign.

•      STEP SEVEN (International Activity – July 2010): All youthNET partners will send a delegate to Vienna (Austria) to evaluate the outcomes of the campaign, share best-practice and make recommendations for the future, concluding Glocal Europe with a final event.