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Glocal Updates:

31/10-03/11/2009 . Think-Tank meeting Glocal Europe – Vienna (Austria) The present delegates have decided to implement the campaign on participation as a festival of communication tools. There will be a call for visual and audiovisual productions made by young people from the local areas of partner organisations.
All the productions will be uploaded on our central website, and all partners should download them and organise a local public event/festival displaying the results to a local audience and to the media, about what participation means to young people from the Urals to the Atlantic coasts of Portugal.

03/11/2009. The last day in Vienna saw the creation of three working groups among the partners for the creation of a logo and a slogan for the campaign, for a call-to-action guideline for all to use locally, and for a contract between participating partners and new partners joining.

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