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Coordination Body

General Coordinator:

Daniela Mussnig —

Currently International Initiatives Department at Interkulturelles Zentrum.
Facilitates and oversees the implementation of the Action Plan and the work of the Coordination Body. Makes official calls for Coordination Body. Makes official calls for General Assembly Meetings. Appoints thematic assistant for regions based on the recommendations of the Regional Coordinators.


Internal Communication Coordinator:

Temenuzhka Dancheva —

Currently working for TCSD/Bulgaria.
Has to ensure fluent communication between all partners according to the internal communication guidelines and procedures ( Annex 1). Ensures that the website is updated in cooperation with the external communication coordinator. moderates the forum, acts as contact point for partners and members. Replies to internal queries, ensures the dissemination of outcomes and materials. Assists in the moderation of working groups. Compiles and sends the official newsletter in cooperation with the external communication coordinator.

External Communication Coordinator:

Lorenzo Nava —

Currently Chairman of the Associazione Culturale Il Monastero
Acts as Public Relations person for youthNET. Liaisons with media, press, new and traditional donors and supporters. Keeps and updates the press-office and VIP list. Coordinates the preparation of promotional materials and collects and disseminates them accordingly, cooperates with the internal communication coordinator in managing the website updates and dissemination measures and the newsletter. Reports directly to the general coordinator.


EECA Regional Coordinator:

Dmytro Samarskyy -

Currently working for NGO "People", Ukraine

EU Regional Coordinator

Nataša Kalin -

Currently working for Mladinski center Brežice, Slovenia

SEE Regional Coordinator:

Danijela Lovric  —

Currently Founder & president of CnC, Croatia

The three regional coordinators maintain the regional database of members, trainers and experts and update information. Spread information in their region about opportunities and youthNET events. Serve as recruitment contact point for their region. Liaison with the General Coordinator regarding information and updates on their region. Promote the network in their region in order to attract new members. Recommend regional thematic assistants to the General Coordinator. Supervise the work of thematic assistants.