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Action Plan

To ensure work towards fulfilling youthNET’s vision and mission, on its annual meeting, the General Assembly decides on an Action Plan for the next 24 months.
Since May 2009 youthNET has been working on the implementation of it’s first Action Plan, which aims at establishing efficient communication mechanisms and ensuring the sustainability of our network.

These are the main objectives of the 2009/10 Action Plan:

- Development of communication tools
- Network empowerment through joint activities
- Enhanced cooperation between network members and efficient work of the Coordination Body
- Development of fundraising mechanisms
- Equal participation of all network members
- Visibility of youthNET and its main principles of youth work

For details please read our Action Plan 2009/10.

And here are some of the results that have been achieved so far:

- The project Glocal Europe is carried out as first joint activity and will ensure the visibility of youthNET and promotion of its principles
- The website  has been created as information platform
- A monthly bulletin informs all youthNET partners about ongoing activities inside the network
- A bi-monthly newsletter informs all interested persons and organizations about youthNET

- The coordination body is currently collecting information for an extended database on partner’s activities, expertise and information materials, which will be soon available on this website.