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Pilot Project 2: New(s) for Use

“Hey, can anybody hear me?” That’s a question many young people are asking themselves more and more often because they frequently face different needs and concerns which aren’t noticed in society. One of the reasons their interests are fading away unheard is their lack of specific knowledge, skills and instruments to make the public familiar and empathetic to their problems.

The media-project “New(s) 4 Use” (one of the "Creative Partnerships" pilot projects) was therefore designed to give youth a public voice. It was an eight-days-training course which explored and built up the capacity of young people from different ethnic groups and countries through learning and using various media. During this week in April 2009 altogether 24 participants with different cultural backgrounds, coming from four SEE and four EU countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Germany and Austria) met in Razlog, Bulgaria, to try out a variety of new methods and learn about how to use them.

During the project the participants got the chance to live European integration, explore different cultures and express them through the internet, TV, newspaper or radio. As the attention was directed to “social inclusion” the participants got a lot of useful information from experts. Those were combined with practical skills how to exploit media to express one’s own ideas.

As a final result, all participants had a common presentation of their ideas which they are supposed to use further to take actively part in their local community. With the gained knowledge they will have the chance to involve more youngsters from their own communities and beyond.