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Application Procedure:

7 easy steps to becoming a youthNET partner organisation:

1.      Read the Memorandum of Cooperation including all Annexes carefully.
2.      Download the application form, and declaration of honour.
3.      Fill in both forms and attach your statute (possibly in English).  Please note that a reference, the reference must be an existing youthNET partner,* to the External Communication Coordinator by e-mail. (
4.      The External Communication Coordinator will contact the regional coordinator from your region in order to verify the submitted application, therefore expect to be contacted shortly after submitting your application.
5.      Once all information has been checked, the External Communication Coordinator shall contact the references you provided to receive a reference letter.
6.      When all is available your candidacy will be publicly announced to the whole network in our internal bulletins. So all partners will receive all the relevant information you provided.
7.      At the next General Assembly meeting the youthNET partners will analyse your candidacy, then it will be voted, and in order to be accepted as youthNET new partner you will need to receive 2/3 of the votes of the assembly.

* If you don’t know any youthNET partners, invite us to one of your events, we will be glad to meet you and discuss about the reciprocal benefit of becoming partners.